Thursday, August 23, 2012


    Tired and restlessly, drifting in and out of sleep. Hearing crashing and banging, thinking the roof will cave in. Not alert enough to quite know what it was, I yelled loudly for whoever was making those noises at such an hour to stop. They heard and listened, I'm guessing, for there was a long enough silence that I finally fell asleep.

     I then awoke, there was banging and stomping trashing through my living room, trudging back and forth down the hall. I yell "What the hell is going on?" "We working; is ok!" said my landlord. What??? It's 3am, what does he mean “it's okay”? Then I heard some more voices in a foreign language, sounding demanding and bossy towards each other. I scream "GET OUT!!!" at the top of my lungs. "I don't care if you're working; I pay my rent, now GEETT OOOUUTTT!!!"

     Giving in uneasily, they all left. Only to hear, once they closed the door to my apartment, there was knocking. I stayed silent in hopes that the visitor would give up and leave. NO, that's not what happened though. The door opened and closed, footsteps nearing my bedroom. They stopped at the door only for a moment and then the ghost of my past entered my privacy. The place where people only come into invited. The nerve. The only time this person ever entered my room was in my nightmares and now they're here. How is that even possible? They're fictional. This "image" walked over to my vanity table took a seat and reached out and brushed the hair from my eyes. Cringing, I tried to move away but I just couldn't.

     I heard the door open and close again and the banging started all over again, all the while this ghost from my past is updating me with some jibber-jabber of their past events. Shaking my head, hearing a fire alarm in the distance and what I could make out of some emergency service sirens, I looked out the window from my laying position. Cloudy and dark. As I turned to look at the seated evil, I was shocked. They were gone. 

My phone rang and I answered. The voice asked if I was awake yet. "It's 11 o'clock." 

What? It was just 3am, I thought to myself. "Yea!" and ended the call.

    I looked around, everything was fine. I lifted myself outta bed, quite easily, I might add. Venturing out of my room, seeking anyone in my path. No. Everything was secure.


Lights were flickering outside my window. Oh my goodness!!! Was it all just a dream? Were the noises I heard only the storm? I wasn't stopping to find out, I had to hurry, and I was late for my meeting. I’d figure it out later, I imagine.

Written by Fancy Khaos

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