Sunday, August 26, 2012


You can runaway and forget about the world. 

Leaving all the past behind and finding your true self-worth. 

Some may try and stop you, saying that your troubles will just find you. 

Other won't stand in the way, heck, most will give you a push.

You want the sun to stop shining, you want the darkness to go away

Wishing away the pain and torment of each and every day. 

There's nothing wrong with starting from scratch, from jumping the gun or never looking back. 

Just listen to the music, let the beat carry you away. 

The drummer is your heart and your soul riffs away. 

The vocals come from your spirit, it tells you where to turn

When to head on straight and when you need to stop and learn. 

Don't forget the values taught, for they will prevent you from getting caught. 

No one wants to be dragged down by some spineless monkey butt. 

When there's no hope for tomorrow and feeling your the source of curse

It has to get better 'cause it sure can't get any worse.

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