Thursday, August 23, 2012


Existence has granted no pleasure

Hiding from shadows under the my bed

Watching them dance ever so close to me

Mimicking everything the wind has said

Gradually the sun will rise

So will the lids of my eyes

I'll crawl from out of the comforts of cover

Getting ready to psyche myself out

My movements have slowed to none

Staring blankly into the looking glass

Wishing the flaws counted were zero to zilch

Finding that the cracks have swallowed me back up whole

Tripping loudly towards my cave of hostility

Knowing it will soon be prepared to start a war

Things will be casted all around the quarters

Belongings wil lay upon the ground strewn

They will never know what has existed

If it doesn't leave this room

I'll shred to pieces any squealers

Tear apart any willing to bring shame to my face

No prisoners of war were ever going to leave this place

Written by Fancy Khaos

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