Thursday, August 23, 2012


I may sound bitter, but it's just an illusion

Open your eyes to see the worms outside

As thick as molasses, the fog from the muskets

Aim, shoot then fire; the ramparts have started

Steer clear of the clearance 'cause you won't get far

By storming the troops: they know who you are

Your hiding spot never changes, they just pretended not to know 

It's a tactic we all will learn as we to go

Enlightening with misfortunes they know to be true

It's always beneficial to have an ally who cares about you

No secretion of serum to cure the tormentor

It's undiagnosed disease that reeks havoc upon it's redemption. 

Pointing blame of such actions on inanimate object

Visions untrue to one's hard work that shant be trusted

More reason to care about the here and the now

The then and the how have killed us as humans somehow.

Written by Fancy Khaos

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