Thursday, August 23, 2012


Standing, watching you drive away

The pain rushes in like a moth toward flames

I can't make sense of the movement

It turns my thoughts to fears

Wishing you had told way back

That you really did care

What you didn't say then has me muffled

Leaving me completely strung out

You waited until now to break all this down?

I can't hold on to hope

You knew that back then

Regardless of whether you are a dear friend

I can't read your mind

I won't assume your next thought

I have someone in my life

Now you wanna talk?

Take me away, Calgon

Throw me a rope

I want to waste away if this reality is no joke

I'm deathly serious

I wish you the best

To be honest, my dear, I must confess

I have told you several ways

If you have paid me mind

Instead of acting like I

Didn't deserved the time 

To always brushed me away

Casting me out with the crowd

You act like your interested in me

Now that I have to turn you down

But wait, did I really?

Have you the slightest clue?

I did wait for you, so what you gonna do?

Try standing still and hold up your sign

If you hold it up high

I will see it on my way by

I will look in your direction

For the slightest of clue

Is it really me you waited for

Or is it just someone else new?

Written by Fancy Khaos

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