Saturday, August 25, 2012


Looking at his reflection in the blade pondering whether he should wear the mark or not. 
Giving into the crowd he decided, the mask would protect his identity. Creeping through the darkness, hearing the leaves crunching below his feet, he sticks close to the treeline so as not to be seen. 
Inspecting the pathway to the rear entrance, he crawls up to the doggy door. 
Sneakily reaching his arm in and up to the lock and turn the handle. 
Slowly he opens the door, intently listening to the faint distance of a t.v. volume slightly too loud. 
Seeing the shadow created by her head resting againt the side of the armchair, he slinks towards the lady that surely should have died years ago from the heart attack. 
"Why didn't she just die? She put up such a fight." he thought when rounding to the corner of the hallway. 
Just steps away from the unsuspecting elder, he assessed his grip on the steel blade. 
"I wish she would have just passed away when she was supposed to. I want what is mine." he thought while clinging to the wall.
He was screaming inside "She threw me out at such a young age, leaving me with nothing to my name." 
"After tonight, I will finally have access to heirlooms and riches before anyone notices her dead. I'm the only one tending to her needs and she doesn't even recognize me anymore." 
He angered himself enough to get his adrenaline pumping and he reach around from the back of the upholstered chair. 
Slicing from left to right, he swiftly moved the knife across her throat. Blood spurted everywhere, gladly he crouched behind the chair taken cover, for as to not be drennched in the old witches blood. 
"Thy deed is done. Finally rid the horror that stood between me and a life full of the finer things." he retorted.

Written by Fancy Khaos

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