Sunday, September 16, 2012


I’ve been trying to conjure up something
That doesn’t sound too mean
That doesn’t sound too hostile
Or look way too obscene
I want to gain the privilege
Of succeeding well beyond
Any passing judgement
And being more than just some scum
No one’s told me how to do it
I’ve had to learn while on the run
I have these terrors chasing me
Eyeing me through the scope
Readying to pull the trigger
Waiting to beat me to a pulp
One second can be to late
I’ll never make it to my home
I’ll never get another chance
Of showing all that I am good
The only amendments sought
Are the only ones I haven’t got
A time releasing capsule
Might just do the trick
Taking one or two day
Could make things move along
I could gain all that I seek
Maybe really fast and cheap
That’s exactly how it’s always been
We live to suffer while faking a grin
No one to bring pleasure to help us cope
Sometimes people are wacked when they think they are dope
Half can’t be trusted, the rest are insane
All of them should just be flushed down the drain
Not needing to call on others for a helping hand
They’ll just wear you out when you need one to understand

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