Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'll never tell you about all the lies
The deceitful things
The torments and cries
It will never compare 
To the time I've spent in vain
Waiting on someone 
That has never explained
And probably never ever will
Why they did what they did
Why the found love and thrills
Out of breaking the bonds 
That are held so sacred by most
Why it was only the immature gestures
About which they would boast
Every night I was lonely
Thinking they truly did care
Everyday I spent wondering
Just why they weren't there
Being sick to the stomach 
Of worries of death
If just one more bottle was broken
If just one closer inch to my head
I am sure in an instance 
I would've wound up dead
Still being afraid to let go
In case they ever do again resurrect
I cross my fingers n heart
Tending to knock on wood 
Even as i say these things
Not naturally superstitious 
Though just in case they were right
I will never kill a cricket 
Or place my hat on a bed

By Fancy Khaos

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